Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Autobots VS Decepticons Action Figures

There are not many children's television franchises that have lasted the test of time. Through the eighties, Transformers held the attention of kids almost every Saturday morning. But with the present day revival of the Transformers sequence with an all fresh CGI, Hollywood transformation, a completely new generation of Transformers fans has been presented to the story's endless charm.The crossover between old and new fans is found in the evolution of the toy Transformers action figures. The kids of the 80's have grown to grown persons with young family members of their own, however the appeal of the Transformers community remains to be the same, if not more popular than at any time!.

Lots of the oldskul first period Transformers characters get a excellent selling price these days through internet retailers. Would you have assumed that over 2 decades ago a plastic product transforming robot action figure may sell for a few times it is list price? Exclusive edition Transformers action figures can go for more than a hundred bucks in some occasions! This is real, exclusively, for action figures of Optimus Prime, the commander of the Autobots, the "good folks" of the movie. Hasbro has released a few exclusive edition Optimus Prime figures in recent times. Some include unique accessories or include special DVDs from the classic children's tv series. Extra releases are special treasure parts for the more adult generation of Transformers buffs. If you look carefuly, it's possible to encounter action figures made of hefty, polished metal built to last.    

Every great children's television show needs a bad guy, and the "bad guy" Transformers figures have collected as huge following as the Autobots. Lead by the tyrannic, bad Megatron, the Decepticons attack Optimus Prime and his Autobots at every turn. A Megatron figures can definitely get as high price as an Optimus Prime figure.The rebirth of Transformers on the big screen has headed to a new type of toy characters for little ones to play with. Part of the appeal of old classic and brand-new generation figures may be the "Lego-like" mixtures that form still bigger Transformers! The awful, ultra impressive Constructicons are able of developing a half dozen-piece super robot named Devastator, holding step with the action figures from the 1980. Decepticons are not the single Transformers figures capable of joining to form super-transformers. Fans of the 1980's tv show will remember the Dinobots, Autobots with the personalities and designs of dinosaurs popular with young kids even to this very day. A figure of the Dinobot chief, Grimlock, could sell for just as much as Optimus Prime or Megatron.With all the changing of the business, Hasbro and film makers have enough product to choose from because there are a variety of Autobots and Decepticons that have yet to be released with a brand new younger market. As of right now, the Transformers motion pictures have not launched the popular Dinobots. May we see them find their way into the tale before long? Though moms and dads may know the 1980's models of Transformers, brand new spins on the figures are certain to be "much cooler" compared to the previously versions if you ask youngsters nowadays.

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