Thursday, 6 October 2011

How To Improve Your Fishing Result

Meet the day as you speed to your 1st fishing spot. With a lunch packed, the great morning wind blowing in your hair and a thermos of coffees you're ready for a fantastic morning of fishing. For many novice and even some advanced beginner fisherman though, the going could be tricky at times. You test different fishing areas, depths, fishing lures and strategies but nothing appears to be biting. How can you improve your results, get much more fish and take pleasure in the thrill of getting in the big one? Here are three fishing techniques we have discovered useful over the years of angling.

Have a purpose to your fishing. So many persons go on a tip, or just find an spot that "looks" like it may be great and start throwing away with no any specific objective. The problem is that fish gather at very specific places at particular times driven by reasons such as feeding, migrating or trying to hide. Once you understand more about their environment, you can begin to realize where they are most likely to be and narrow your fishing to those spots. When you're first starting out, a fish spotter can work magic to not only locate schools of fish, but to recognize the depth of the water, the base structure and other factors of the habitat that can help you narrow down your hunt. Once you recognize a likely place where you will find fish feeding, then your precisionc asting comes into play -- that takes practice.

Bait...there is so much option in bait, live bait versus fishing lures, top floaters versus shallow or deep water baits, colors and action all come into play when you find out the ideal bait for your goal fish. The 1st thing you need to do is narrow your species down and then it will become a mixof trial-and-error or perhaps a tip or two from somebody who has successfully fished the waters before. For instance, we have pulled in 8 lb huge mouth bass using a surface frog in one lake, and then capturing large mouth with spinner baits in other lakes.

Time of day does matter. Even though you can catch fish any time of day, morning hours and evenings work best for most types of fish as a standard rule with some conditions for particularly cool or dark, cloud covered days. If you are heading out on a hot, sunny day, do yourself a favor and keep to to early morning and evening. Not only will you catch more fish but you'll save your self a nasty headache or sunburn in the procedure. For us, just hitting the water is when the fun begins, but being active catching more fish always makes things more exciting and more fun. Use these fishing tips and become a respected angler in no time.

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