Saturday, 1 October 2011

Protect Your Action Figures As An Investment

If you have plenty  action figures collection, you'll need to know how to maintain your collection in order to be in good shape. Be it you keep them as a hobby or just an invest, protecting them can make your collections last for a longer time without any staining and destruction as well as get much higher price in the marketplace.There are couple of things to take note in order to maintain and take care of your beloved action figures. The most simple thing is to move them as little as possible. It is because repeated movement on their joints will risk their joints to be loosened.

Other than that,minimize direct touch with our fingers is  one more way of protecting your action figures. It's because on our fingers, there's a layer of grease or finger oil that will cause yellowing and stain to your beloved collection. Be sure that you wipe the dust  frequently as dust and some particles will cause damages to your action figures. For those that have electric batteries in them, remember to take them out because acid battery leaks will cause a seriously damage. This is by far, the most typical mistake that hobbyists and collectors make. After having your collectibles exposed to minimum direct touch, it is time to store your collectibles. When you do the storing, there are 3 main concerns to be taken care of.

First concern is to avoid direct sun rays when you store your collection. It is because sunlight has Ultra Violet light and it will cause damage to your action figures by discoloration and destruction. If it's put under the exposure of UV light for longer period, it might cause crack and brickle to it as well.

Second is to keep away from a place that is high humidity. It is because mould will grows on them if the place is in high humidity and this will cause damage too.

And finally, you have to stay away from place that is in high temp. It will be recommended to keep your collections in room temperature as too high or cold of temperature will cause destruction to your action figures.

After you have a ideal place to keep your collections, you need to think of a goodc ontainer to keep them safe. It's best to keep them in covered storage box. Is is the best storing container for collectibles but usually most people will use it to keep those action figures that are expensive because sealed storage boxi s quite expensive. Because of the expensive price of sealed container, people use plastic container as alternative instead because of its economical price and reliability. Collecting action figures used to be considered as an act of losing money but the marketplace has grown over the years and now they became a valuable investment for some of the people. Some of them might cost up to thousand of bucks depending on their situations

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