Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fresh Kinect Action Games

Now we have several fresh kinect action games coming to Xbox to look forward to, there's something here for everyone.
The very first is Kung Fu Panda 2 that was released on May 24th 2011, this is a kinect action combating game targeted at ages 10 or older. This is a Kung Fu fighting technique type of battling and the kinect game begins where the Kung Fu movie left off. The fight between Master Shen and Po.
Po, the big panda is now a dragon warrior and he's guarding the Valley of Peace, busting gorillas and clans of the bad Komodo dragons lead by Xaio Dan to protect Gongman City, bring back and save Kung Fu!
Fighting is not the only task in Kung Fu Panda 2, there'll be additional mini games, including one that has you ducking under digital objects getting thrown, and jumping around the room.

Another kinect action game is UFC Personal Instructor and this was released on June 21st 2011. This is a combination martial arts game with a amazing exercise program. There are more than seventy combined martial art workouts from wrestling, and kickboxing that will enhance your power and fitness. Each program focuses on specific muscle groups and also has the ability to change to your conditioning level and targets. The game also contains fifty-one prebuilt workout sessions, and players can create their own custom routines from a range of twelve exercises.
There are customized exercising tools that will help you achieve your objectives, burn calories, lose weight and build strength. The Ultimate training mode will be very favorite as you can do so many various exercises and get to fight some of the common UFC fighters. If you wants to get the full preview of UFC Personal Trainer or just look at the video trailer, please check out UFC Personal Trainer.

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