Friday, 30 September 2011

My Adventure With Thule Bike

Are you a sports fanatic that  likes the great  in an outdoor environment? Maybe you like to mountain bike or road bike. I enjoy the rush that comes over my entire body as I accelerate downhill on a high dirt trail or a hill pass.

I can't image a better sensation than the physical overload that comes from getting outdoors, the fresh air, amazing redwood, oaks, the smell of grass, wild flora, and the warmth of the suns light. Truly…does life get any better? Kayaking has that same attract.

You are out in the factors. The wind on your face, a splash of river water as a wave goes over your bow. The pricklingof the cold reminds you that you're alive!  I enjoy the outdoors, biking and kayaking. Organizingfor any trip, I hop in my truck with my Thule Bike Racks and Thule Kayak Rack mounted to my L2S Sport Rack Brackets, and go out of town. All my outdoor camping equipment securely stowed in my truck bed under my racks. In no time, my heart starts to beat slowly and my lungs begin to breaths of fresh air.

I just feel a sensation of peace and relaxed atmosphere being outdoors. I'm sure you must experience the same way.  There's always a sense of pleasure as I move towards a camping area searching intently for the ideal campsite to unload my equipment. Once unload, I stop to take it all in. Close to the fire, I go over the voyage for the following day.

What bike trails to start my expedition what path to kayak it all seems so unique? Awake in the clean morning air, the smell of morning meal grilling on the stove, the sounds of the river flowing over my camp and the birds and chipmunks melody and dance. The sun begins to shine thru the trees as the wind blows and gives a gentle touch. I can feel my heart stirring. I'm restless with enthusiasm expecting the days’ challenge.

On top my bike, my muscles lookup for energy. My hands tightly grabthe handlebars absorbing every bump and turn. The sound of the wheels whistling and the tires stretching for the planet, my heart sends adrenaline and I'm over whelmed with a feeling of euphoria. I'm in my element. This is what I came here for! All my goals have paid off and I am satisfied…until the upcoming moment.

The fun is over and I have return to the complexity of my life back home. My Thule Bike Racks and Thule Kayak Rack have fulfilled their challenge. They have paid rewards to the adrenaline junky/weekend enthusiast that longs for adventure. My mind is already calling for next weeks’ trip.

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